This Cake is da Bomb!

April 11, 2018


This weekend I was preparing for the fabulous Women in Music Festival in Oakland, CA.  The festival ended with the Eat, Shop, Talk Market at Warehouse 416 at 416 26th Street in Oakland, CA.  This weekend, I had also promised a dear (I started to say old but, at our ages you can't really use that word haphazardly) friend that I would share with her an avocado chocolate cake recipe.  So, being the multitasking, two-birds-with one stone (though, I don't want to kill any birds) kind of person, I decided that I would make that cake to sell at the market along with my kupcaks.  Since, we do cakes as well, this would help people know what is available.



I chose to do the avocado chocolate cake with salted caramel icing, nuts, and chocolate ganache.  It was definitely the hit of the event.  Since one of the pieces got messed up in route, I sampled it out and that was all it took to sell through the slices. 


For the record, I don't tend to stick to recipes.  I tend to tweak the heck out of recipes until I get what I want.  One of the main things that I want is a cake that is not overly sweet. So, just know that you can follow the cake recipe (link below) verbatim or you can adjust a few things too.  You can use your favorite oil (avocado, coconut, canola, sunflower, vegetable . . . I have not tried olive oil but, that may work too).  You can reduce the sugar but, be careful how much you reduce.  Reducing it too much can really change your baked good.    


Ok, I don't like reading recipe blogs that take forever to get through the story and to the recipe.  And, since I am not really here to show you my recipe but, to share one that I found readily available on the internet and that turns out beautifully, I will cut to the chase.     


I am including, for your pleasure, the links (below) to the avocado chocolate cake recipe that I used (with my adjustments, of course).  I used an ermine frosting.  There is a link to that below.  You could do a simpler American buttercream frosting (link below) or a powdered sugar dusting or a drizzle of chocolate ganache.  There are other frosting choices and you can search the internet to find so many renditions of them by countless professional and hobby bakers that I won't include them here.  (The internet is your friend.)


Have fun and happy baking!


Avocado Chocolate Cake (includes a recipe for frosting too)


American Buttercream (For vegan version use vegan butter and any milk alternative.)


Ermine Frosting (This is the one I used.  It was a little soft but, perfectly delicious. Use any flavoring you want for your cake. Of course, vegan version uses vegan butter and dairy milk alternative of your choice - though I think rice milk might be a bit too watery.)




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April 11, 2018

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