Owner, Kai Moore, has always loved cooking and baking.  Her fondest childhood memories center around her grandmother’s kitchen table, surrounded by massive, time and love-worn pots and pans.  However, Kai’s passion for the culinary arts got sidetracked when family needs took center stage.

After battling health issues for over 15 years and ignoring food restrictions in order to satisfy her sweet tooth, Kai had had enough. In 2016, she decided to respect her body by eliminating problematic foods — specifically dairy and soy. Dissatisfied with limited commercially available pastry choices, she reconnected with her passion for baking aiming to create treats to meet her dietary needs that didn’t taste like treats meeting dietary needs.

Kai spent hours, night after night, baking, determined to produce goodies for her son’s birthday party.  On October 2, 2016 she baked a dozen multi-flavor cupcakes that were dairy and soy-free and made with a reduced amount of sugar. The resulting popularity became the launching pad for kupcāk.

Kai specializes in flavorful, moist, fluffy plant-based cupcakes that everyone, vegans and non-vegans alike, will enjoy.  Made with love, these are cupcakes for everyone and every occasion — birthdays, holidays, barbecues,  parties, or just for the heck of it.


Takoma Park, MD



No longer in CA.

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